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Myth of Credit Cards For Housewives, Know!

For those of you who work as housewives, then you will often be faced with a number of tasks that are complex and require high accuracy. You must have good ability to take care of everything in your family, so that all affairs can run well, where the needs of all family members can be fulfilled appropriately. This is certainly not an easy job, especially if you don’t have a number of policies that are powerful enough to handle all the work quickly.

You have no income? This is true, but it is you who will usually manage / manage all finances in your household. This task is certainly very heavy, considering the various needs and the future of your family will depend on how you manage your finances. Not just managing it, but you certainly play an important role in creating a prosperous household.

To be able to meet all family needs properly, then you as a housewife certainly must apply a number of policies in finance, including when shopping. It is important for you to fulfill all your needs well, even by getting various attractive offers when doing your shopping activities. Vouchers and discounts may be reliable, but credit cards often have a number of offers that are far more profitable. Housewives apply for credit cards?

This might sound impossible to you, considering you don’t have a fixed amount of salary (salary) every month. While this thin plastic form of payment, can help you save a lot of money every month. Not only that, credit cards also have a number of attractive offers that are no less tempting, for example: 0% installments for the first 6 months, attractive discounts for several partner outlets, hamat shopping programs and other attractive offers. It’s a loss, isn’t it, if you can’t have it.


The Myth Is Not Always Right

Since you are a housewife who does not work and has a steady income every month, you often fail to submit your credit card to the bank. Not without reason, most people will simply accept and believe in the myths related to this one banking product, even though this is not always true.

Check out some of the myths related to credit cards for housewives who often hear the following:


Housewife Can’t Get a Credit Card!

credit card

Most people will argue that housewives cannot have credit cards. The main reason is of course because you do not have a fixed monthly income and also the office where you work.

But you are the financial manager in your household, where you will carry out these various financial activities to meet all your family needs. You will shop, buy some gold as an investment, pay a number of family bills, and even make various other payments. All of these financial activities are positive in the eyes of the bank, and you are a good business opportunity for them. The bank sees you as a promising new consumer potential and can bring in many transactions in their credit card products. In general, if you intend to apply for a credit card, the bank will see your savings history for consideration. They may ask for a deposit of funds for the credit card application.


Can’t Have a Good Credit History


To build a credit history, do you always need a credit card? This is not true, because your various other loans can also help you build a good credit history for, for example: Mortgage, savings, KTA or even some other debt that you have out there.

Your credit history will not only be seen from the activity of a credit card you have, but this will cover all your banking activities, even various other financial activities outside the banking, for example: motorbike installments, car payments and others. The way you manage these various loans will affect your credit history, so try to always fulfill your obligations properly, so that the credit history does not deteriorate.


Joint Debt, Owned by You and Your Partner

Joint Debt, Owned by You and Your Partner

Even though you and your partner agree that the amount of debt / bills contained in the credit card is a joint debt, this is not valid in the eyes of the bank. For them, people who apply for credit cards are people who are fully responsible for all bills / debts and also the use of these credit cards. So, even though you have an additional card from your partner’s credit card and use it so that there are a number of bills there, the bill will still be your partner’s full responsibility as the main card holder, where you will not be burdened by the debt. The same thing applies to other types of debt.


Same Credit History

Same Credit History

Both you and your partner will not have the same credit history, because this is seen from the history of each person (individual). Exceptions occur if you take / apply a number of credit together with a partner (both), where the partner’s credit history will participate in influencing your credit history too, because this credit report will even be made together for both of you. If you want to avoid something like this, then you and your partner must apply for separate credit for various credit needs in your household.


Believe in Myths?

Believe in Myths?

Do you need to believe in myths? Is the myth true? You should check the truth of the myth from the person who said it to you. Therefore, be careful in believing in myths that do not know the truth.

Do you have the desire to have a credit card? Or have you had a credit card and used it wisely? Share your experience in the fields provided below.

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