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Money, finances, investment, consumption and loans are really in time. More than ever… Most people could become loan brokers if they really wanted to, because for someone who is ambitious, it is not as big and complicated as it might sound.

The difficult thing is not to become a loan broker. The hard thing is creating a profitable business in an industry with devastating competition. At the same time, it can be many times more demanding to become e.g. e-retailers or casino gambling brokers than what to do with loans. The first question you might instead ask yourself is whether you become a so-called affiliate.

Capitalism and long-term profitability


Before I go into what an affiliate is and how you do it, you should know what platform is required and what the basics should be. Mortgage lending does not happen in a second, it is a business that takes years to build. The difference between being a lender and a lender is that a lender actually has (fairly large) capital to lend. Like investment companies, public stock exchange companies and the like, it takes a lot of money to become a lender.

Loan brokers, on the other hand, can make big money in commissions on loans. An example of a successful loan broker is Simon, as an individual, running a business and earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on his loan page. Nowadays he has apparently been employed, but he has become a bit of a celebrity in the affiliate industry and for a good reason.

Invest in technical expertise


Internet marketing and search engine optimization can be the key to making big money in loans, as well as good ability to network and collaborate online. It is also a great advantage to be able to build a platform, as it can be very costly to use competence and maintain it on your own. Especially internet marketing is expensive, and here is your own skills A and O if you want to get far as an individual. The advantage of search engine optimization is that competent individuals can compete with larger companies on many keywords on Google. It can be a major challenge, but also fully realistic today.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a person or company that benefits from an advertising network.

Advertising networks , also known as affiliate networks , are companies that provide digital advertising for internet advertising from advertisers to website owners. The ad networks thus act as an internet advertising broker to website owners who want to get advertising revenue from their website, and mediate payments for the advertising. The payment is usually based on the volume of qualified clicks your ad generates, or on the number of pageviews where the ad appears. This is usually called performance-based marketing.

In short, you make money from ads that you place on your site. Many people use Google’s pay- per-click ads. In fact, it is more difficult to make money from… at the same time, there is some use for this type of site traffic. For example, this could be news sites such as Dagens Industri or Aftonbladet, where there is a more nuanced news value with large volumes of traffic, and not pure marketing of eg. commercial products.

Strategic business development


As a business developer, board member, entrepreneur or individual, it is important to understand what you are getting into. Apart from capital and working hours, there are legal aspects to consider. This is especially true as the business grows. As a loan broker you also have a moral responsibility, which can give you a bit of goodwill if you handle it well.

This applies not least to industries with bad reputation such as quick loans or so-called sms loans. The question you can ask is what you want with your business. Do you want to deceive people to borrow fast money, to benefit their own needs, or to offer a transparent solution based on facts and sincerity. Something that is quite typical for lenders is false reviews. Of course, this does not apply to everyone.

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